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Ink-jet printers were NEXT_GEN solutions to DMP’s(DOT MATRIX PRINTERS). It is very correctly said that, in the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY or OFFICE AUTOMATION industry, new technologies usher in & old technologies become obsolete , with such a fast pace , that our journey from Tarnsfer Printing to today’s inthing , “The 3D printing seems like it just happened in a “JIFFY”.

Right from the TRANSFER or Heat Tfr. Printing, till today , the process , the speed , the Quality, the ergonomic aspect , all has been modified by Leaps & Bounds.Man looks for COMFORT & ease of use, be it any aspect of LIFE , “Professional or Personal.”.

This is a prerogative of IT & OA industry only , “To design & devise products , which ease the way which we work”. As mentioned earlier , post Transfer Printing , next , next level was DMP’s . The principle or  technology used was the aspect of the “PRINTING HEAD” which had pins that made an impact on the paper or the printing surface.The print resolution is measured in DPI’s (Dots per Inch).

As every technocrat is engaged in making products & Services better than the previous ones ; hence came the concept of INKJET PRINTERS OR PRINTING.INKJET printing is a technology which creates a digital image by shooting droplets of Ink onto the Paper/ Plastic .Today the INKJET printer is the most widely used Printer , because of it’s quality & easily affordable cost.

The concept originated in early 19th century. There are broadly two main types of technologies which are used in the INKJET PRINTERS :



Both these technologies provide similar results.The complete procedure signifies good resolution compared to the DMP’s output.In short , in both these procedures , there are drops of ink which move at a very fast pace & in a high density(65,000-1,65,000 DPI’s) .Majority of the color drops are rebounced to be recycled  & the rest are utilized to achieve the optimum print quality .

The Drop on DEMAND uses a bubble instead of Ink drops .Hence the printers using this technique are also called BUBBLE JET PRINTERS.This technology is specific to the CANON printers , hence CANON Inkjet printers are also called BUBBLE JET PRINTERS.

It was another major breakthrough , which INKJET Printers siphoned.The concept of 3in1 printers viz.(Printer , Copier, Scanner).One machine which was incorporated to perform  all the three tasks.

The IT industry has a right to keep on maintaining new technologies & making the new products small on size & high on technology.This , invetntion(3in1) was another step in the same direction.

To conclude , Inkjet printers , now are a part of our day-to-day lives & are doing their bit to make our lives easier & simpler.

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